Helping businesses find customers online. In many different ways.
digital marketer
What I can do
Develop a business promotion strategy
Create a website that attracts clients
Effectively set up advertising on Facebook & Instagram
Provide insights to improve your website and marketing
My Approach
I adhere to a human-based approach in marketing. I undertake projects with care for potential clients, their goals, problems, and concerns that your business can help with.
Focus on creating powerful content
Text is the primary means of communication with people online. I make the text understandable, clear, and easy to grasp so customers can easily see how your company can help them.
Start with research
Create design in the customer's world
Immersing myself in the business, I develop hypotheses and ask many questions. I identify the target audience and conduct in-depth interviews with real people. This helps me understand what truly matters to the client and emphasize it in marketing communication.
I create websites not just to impress other designers but based on research of the target audience. Sometimes businesses require simplicity and neatness, while at other times, a wow-effect is needed to make a bold statement. I understand when to apply each.
Measure everything
Marketing should show results in numbers. That's why I set up in-depth analytics to precisely track the effectiveness of my work.
Let’s discuss your project
Describe your task briefly. I will offer you a free 30-minute consultation, during which I will discuss what to do with it.
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